Selected Painting

Autopsy of a Home. 2020. Acrylic, chalk paint on Wall and Windows.
New Home, 2020, Acrylic and Video on Canvas
Go Home, Acrylic and Video on Canvas.
Done Kebab with Oil, Acrylic and Video on Canvas
Acrylic on TV.
Landscape, Acrylic on Board
Acrylic on Board
City, Acrylic of Board
Acrylic on Board
Paradox, Acrylic, Spray paint on Rug
Under skin, Acrylic and spray paint on Rug
When everything is going right, something is going wrong!
Acrylic on concrete
Forget the law, make a bridge! Acrylic on cement and wooden frame.
Flag,Acrylic and cement on Canvas
Acrylic on Metal
Finger Prints, Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Paper
Acrylic on Leather
Coffee on paper